Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Oak Tree

 The Oak Tree    11" x 14"    O/C

Most of the winter snow in the open areas has melted or is melting quickly. About the only snow left is on the shady north face of the hills or where the snow has drifted into deep banks.
Spring is slowly but surely arriving in my area.

This painting is painted on a gallery wrapped canvas that has been pre covered with gesso and a coat of light orange - red acrylic paint.
The palette was my usual limited palette and my medium was Odourless Solvent.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fall Birches In The Sugar Bush

Fall Birches In The Sugar Bush    12" x 16"   O/C

I think that it is time to bring my spring series of sugar bush paintings to a close. It has been fun and a good painting experience for the last few weeks of winter painting. In a way it will be sad to see the last of the snow, not that I am a big fan of it, but I certainly love painting the cast shadows on the surface.
Now I long for spring and the warmer weather. It brings its own painting problems and solutions.

The colours for this palette were, ultramarine blue, alizarin ,cad yellow med., cobalt red (purple) grey light (tube) burnt sienna and titanium white. My medium was odourless solvent.

So spring, I hope you are happening !

'til next...

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Sugar Shack In The Bush

Sugar Shack In The Bush    16" x 20"    O/C

A few rainy days and temperatures finally over 0*c have certainly had an adverse effect on the heavy snow we have had this winter. As the snow melts, it leaves behind the dirt, and garbage exposed that had been collected under its' layers during the long winter winds and blowing snow. I guess it is a small price to pay for the feel of spring in the air.
Interestingly enough, for me anyway, the above painting was painted using the left over paint and their mixtures from the previous painting. Interesting colours to start a painting with.

..'til next

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The Sugar Bush

Working Sugar Bush    16" x 20"    O/C

What we see in the painting above is a working sugar house in a sugar bush. The horses, pulling the sap from the maple trees to the sugar shack for processing to maple sugar is rather "old world" in the present and larger sugar bush.
In today's world, the maple sap is gathered from trees using plastic hose, running from tree to tree and then to the sugar house. Certainly not a romantic nor nostalgic as we imagined the view just a few years ago, is it ?
On top of the sugar shack we see  the escape of the water from the sap as vapour/ steam during the boiling off process. The liquid that remains in the large kettle after this process is Maple Syrup.

The colours derived for this painting were created from my usual limited palette. My medium was Odourless Mineral Spirits, used sparingly.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

..Still In The Sugar Shack Series...

The Gnarly Maple    16" x 20"    O/C

In spite of it being officially spring, winter continues to carry on. From what I hear, the temperatures are much to low during the night and day to make the sap run. Many are predicting a poor harvest this spring. It will truly be, ' liquid gold '.

The sketch for this painting eventually ended up under the finished painting as it was being 'built up'.
The colours for this painting were, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, cadmium red, alizarin, cad yellow medium, raw sienna and titanium white.
I used Odourless Solvent sparingly for thinning my paint and for cleaning my brushes during the painting process. 

So far, I am pleased with progress of each painting in the sugar shack series . Some areas have been a challenge.

til next...


Friday, March 21, 2014

Has Spring Finally Made An Appearance ?

Spring At The Woodlot    16" x 20"    O/P

The waiting seems to be forever. Finally , spring may have arrived. The second day of spring and the temperature is already thirty - two degrees F. (tongue in cheek !) ..Maybe, just maybe !

This painting was painted with my split limited palette. Medium was Odourless Mineral Spirits, used sparingly. Small and large brushes were used.

This is the third 16" x 20" that I have painted consecutively. It has been a bit of a challenge to work in that size after the number of smaller panels or canvases I have painted on. That seems like a lot of panel to cover. 

'til next... 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Maple Sugar Bush Continued..

Time Out !    16" x 20"    O/P

I think that it is becoming more unusual in today's working sugar bush to see a team of horses pulling a 'stone boat' or low center of gravity sled with  a tank on it. 
In "the day", the team would go on route from tree to tree so that the driver could empty the sap bucket contents into the tank on the sled. Once the collection of the sap had been completed, the tank and sled was dragged through the bush to the sugar shack by the horses where the sap from the trees was processed. 
It was hard work for the horses on deep snowy and uneven ground. 

I used a limited split palette for this painting on a pre stained Masonite panel. My medium was Odourless Mineral Spirits used sparingly after the first "wash" of the drawing or composition. As the painting continued, I gradually and sparingly mixed Liquin to my mixtures.

'til next...